1.03: Dead in the Water.

November 2, 1983

dean winchester + pretty colors in season one episode twelve ⇨ faith




Jensen on the tragic side of Demon!Dean (x)

You know, I really love that we’ll see this side of Demon!Dean as well. The tragic and sad part about his transformation and not just the scary part, because in the end, that’s what this character is most about - he is a product of a string of tragic and sad events. I mean, I love that Dean finally does what he wants without caring what others think, but at what expense? This characters is about showing how all of these things Demon!Dean does - being carefree, enjoying himself, etc. - are things Human!Dean could have embraced the very same way. And not alone, but with his friends. The tragic part is not Dean being violent and scary but that there is seemingly nothing left of who he used to be and who he is at his core, that he simply doesn’t care anymore and is running towards the edge of the cliff with arms wide open…

It’s also very interesting that, from what Jensen’s said, Demon Dean really does not care about being alone. He does what he wants, and he enjoys it. But he enjoys it alone, for the most part, and it’s his choice not to travel with any companions. Isn’t that of the exact opposite of a character we know?

Yup, another good point to undermine how Demon!Dean is different to the real Dean. Family used to mean everything to him, but like Jensen says explicitly here, exactly that holds no meaning for him at all anymore. Human!Dean was weighed down by his conscience, his guilt and self-loathing, all of that has been taken away. While before ego and superego were in control, now it’s the id calling the shots.

We must all make the choice between what is right and what is easy.
It kinda feels personal.


30 days otp challenge - Day 17 - Spooning

everybody has those days where you just need to be the little spoon 
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The Lines - Beartooth

we’re all stories in the end.